WordPress care plans

What is a care plan?


When you need an engine overhaul in your car, you hire a mechanic.

When you need an extension built on your house, you hire various professionals.

Yet plenty of people underestimate how much know-how is involved in maintaining a wordpress site.  Everything including hosting, plugins, certificates, external software, custom code, and plenty of acronyms like XML-RPC we won’t waste your time with.

If you get this wrong, it’s a nightmare to fix and the time spent stressing out and contacting your hosting provider is not worth the saved money.  Especially considering your website will be down which costs you customers especially when search engines see you’re not looking after your site and plummet you to the bottom of the search engine rankings, this is a common occurence.


For a fixed monthly investment, we monitor the software, code, plugins, themes, database and backup everything.  We also implement the newest and latest of our ideas and skills into your site to keep it up to speed.

We will also notify you if you are experiencing a noticed rise or fall in traffic if it signals to us that we need to alter your package for the sake of your business.

All of our care plans include SEO reports and advice, even some keyword research and advice if you want it.



The Only Care Plan You’ll Ever Need

Get your wordpress site cared for, your business will thank you

Half price web dev

As a member of our care plans, you officially work with us and we are happy to carry out any tasks at half price, quoted before work is carried out


Countless bots are attempting to hack sites everyday, we employ techniques that prevent them even finding the doors to try

Plugin management

Plugins are updated and we offer you use of our premium plugins if they are a good fit for your site

SEO reporting (optional)

We believe this dark art is best performed by the site owner, we however guide you and provide monthly reports and advice

Theme Management

Themes are updated and backed-up regularly ensuring secure and fast performance


We love ecommerce sites, there’s always so much going on in these businesses.  We offer advice and reports for potential software and strategies for your online store

Competitive pricing

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys however we do price our services to keep them competitive whilst not compromising our time allotted to your site

No contract!

You don’t need to sign any contract, if you want to take full control back then you just have to say

Monthly reports

Full monthly report on what we’ve done for your site and anything you need to be aware of

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