Bundles and plans

We can care for and build pretty much any industry’s website and provide most services.  Here are a few of the industries we have worked most with.

What is a growth plan?  A growth plan is what we provide for websites that cannot rank on google or need to boost their search engine visibility.  We also escalate the website’s business in other ways; optimising the number of people who sign-up or purchase a product.


Website for affiliate marketers

Looking for the best website for affiliate marketing? Look no further than Ebony Media! We offer top-of-the-line services that will help you succeed in this competitive industry. Contact us today to learn more!

Average time to completion: three to four weeks

best ecommerce website builder

Website for online stores

A bundle specially designed for people who want to get their online store up and running.  If you are selling from home or creating a site to complement your brick and mortar store, we’ve got you covered

Average time to completion: five weeks

care plans and growth plans

Care plans and extras

Websites are dynamic and vulnerable things.  We provide everything including fast hosting, security, malware removal and uptime monitoring.  We even prowl the web for “negative SEO” attacks which are attacks your competitors use to get you off search engines

We also offer growth plans, this is where we help escalate your online business through search engine optimisation and on-site wizardry


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