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Every ecommerce business needs the right ecommerce platform to generate sales and succeed online. 

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We tried before to get our business going but we hadn’t realised how much there was to learn.  Thankfully we took the plunge second time round and got Chris involved.  We’ve just hired our eighteenth employee!


My shop was doing okay but wasn’t paying what the effort was taking out of me.  The team at Ebony Media pointed out some quick wins I wouldn’t have thought to look for and now I’ve got customers ordering from overseas.


It’s the best decision you’ll make.  Don’t kid yourself, it’s still hard work but without Chris pointing me in the right direction I would still be trying to flog my wares on Amazon rather than building my audience…..


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Our services

Online platform for your business

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing we are there to guide them with their new website once we’ve got their business online.  We have experience in all the pitfalls and frequently asked questions.

Website Design

Position yourself to your audience with your own image and beautiful design tailored to your audience using our design process

Branding & Logo

Your branding is something overlooked by many, yet is something vital to your success.  What are your aims?  What are your success factors?

Content Strategy

Simply building a website isn’t enough, you need to position yourself as the experts.  Get your own content plan for articles and advertisements.

Ecommerce websites

Using the best practices for ecommerce website design in the UK, we can help you get in front of your target audience with optimised features and payment gateways

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Hosting and Care

Don’t let your new website fall behind. Hosting, backups, and security on a monthly basis ensures that your site stays online whilst you run your business Care plans

Contact management

Receive direct messages and emails from your customers – in whichever format you choose. Make it easy for your customers to get in touch and leave their contact details

Free consultation

Not sure where to start?  Get in touch with the form at the bottom and we will give you a no obligation talk about where you stand and where you need to start.  We understand how daunting the journey seems and so we will happily answer your questions

“What’s shopify about and should I use them?” 

“What’s a payment gateway?” 

“What the heck is a content management system?”

We have SEO specialists to help you get to the top of search engines as well


Affordable ecommerce and web design

Whether you’re a service or product, you need a presence online that is reliable and controllable for your digital marketing


Ecommerce websites need to look professional and impressive if you want customers to part with their hard earned cash


Keep your audience engaged with modern, effective pages, optimised for google and other search engines.


Don’t lose customers to competitors.  Give them simple information as easily as possible.  We ensure your ecommerce website meets this criteria.

How does this work?

Ecommerce website design UK


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The plan

I will walk you through some questions to determine what is best for you before we agree on the site creation 


Through this process we’ll constantly make sure you’re happy with the website, and offer a number of changes to perfect the end result

Care (optional)

Lightning fast hosting, security, backups and other website maintenance. All necessary to keep your business performing smoothly and protect your profits.  We take the stress out of maintenance and are on hand to problem-solve, most often without you ever being aware there was an issue at all

I have a site and need a care plan 

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