Pay Monthly Website Package

Instead of a large payment before all the hosting, security and ad campaigns need considered, we provide an option where you basically rent the use of a website from us.

Why choose this method?

Far less hassle, instead of launching a website for you and waving goodbye, we have several tiers of monthly payments which you can upgrade to or downgrade from as you wish.  The best part?  You barely have to lift a finger, we host, secure and look after the site for you




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Choose from the options below, upgrade or downgrade your pay monthly website package at any time

All packages come with our support and we can answer any question you might have

  • Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Speed optimisation
  • Security hardening and malware removal
  • Search engine optimised
  • Fully responsive


Standard Plan

£60 per month

£100 for Ecommerce/LMS

Full website creation and training on how to use it.



Red Plan

£140 per month

Two SEO optimised articles written and published per month


Getting to the top of search engine results is a long game and the first step to getting there is writing frequent, premium content that is optimised for the google “spiders” to find and know you’re the specialist the viewer is looking for!

Blue plan

£300 per month

Two Social Media ad campaigns created, monitored and optimised by us


Getting noticed and traffic to your new shiny website is something many people fail to do.  We love social media marketing and so with this plan, we will launch two social media campaigns side-by-side

Deluxe Plan

£400 per month

The benefits of the Red and Blue Plan combined:

Two articles per month

Two social media ad campaigns



Supreme Plan

£600 per month


Two SEO optimised articles written and published per month

Two social media ad campaigns

Email marketing campaign with lead capture

Sales funnel


Pay monthly websites

Complete Plan

£1000 per month


 Everything thrown at the website:

Two social media ad campaigns

Four articles per month

Dedicated SEO campaign with backlinking

Every optimisation we can find

Strategy session


Our services

Online platform for your business

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing we are there to guide them with their new website once we’ve got their business online.  We have experience in all the pitfalls and frequently asked questions.

Website Design

Position yourself to your audience with your own image and beautiful design tailored to your audience using our design process


Your plan can be upgraded or downgraded to compliment where you are on your business journey

Content Strategy

Simply building a website isn’t enough, you need to position yourself as the experts.  Get your own content plan for articles and advertisements.

Ecommerce websites

Turn your website into an online store, we will guide you in using payment gateways and country-specific payment integration for the best chance of getting customers to buy your product or service

Hosting and Care

Don’t let your new website fall behind. Hosting, backups, and security on a monthly basis ensures that your site stays online whilst you run your business

Contact management

Receive direct messages and emails from your customers – in whichever format you choose. Make it easy for your customers to get in touch and leave their contact details

Free consultation

Not sure where to start?  Get in touch with the form at the bottom and we will give you a no obligation talk about where you stand and where you need to start.  We understand how daunting the journey seems and so we will happily answer your questions

“What’s a payment gateway?” 

“What the heck is a content management system?”


How does this work?

Pay Monthly Web Design


Fill out the form at the bottom to get in touch now for a no obligation, free consultation

The plan

I will walk you through some questions to determine what is best for you before we agree on the site creation 


Through this process we’ll constantly make sure you’re happy with the website, and offer a number of changes to perfect the end result


Once your website is launched, we will be on hand to look after your website in the backend so you won’t need to stress about website security or anything technical.  You can also upgrade or downgrade your pay monthly package as you wish. 

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We’re usually quite busy, so if you could fill out the form below with the details requested plus describe your business in a few words and what you want to achieve.  From there we can decide if we’re a good fit to work with each other.

This form is a little lengthy, we know.  However filling this out now speeds up the process greatly and makes the experience better for you.


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