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How much does an ecommerce website cost UK

May 16, 2022

“How long is a piece of string?”

There are various elements to it and you may hear “tailored” and “template” affecting the prices but for now here are some rough figures:

Basic: £2500

  • Website creation
  • Website design
  • Tailored setup for your business needs (making the dashboard easy for you to upload and edit products)
  • Website copywriting (professional writing for your pages, company description and a few blog posts for maximum exposure to your audience)
  • Six months complimentary hosting and care plan
  • (This means hosting, speed, security, search engine optimisation audits, backups and two hours per month of us performing any work requests you have)

Advanced: £5000

This is all of the above: website creation, professional design, the works plus:

  • Four months of search engine optimisation efforts
  • This means technical SEO, internal linking audits throughout, off-page linking, monitoring competitors and efforts to overtake them, weekly blog posts optimised for competitiveness

Professional: £9500

This is for established businesses

It includes all of the above plus:

  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Branding strategy session

Why does it cost this much?

There can be a surprising amount of coding involved in even the simplest applications and the troubleshooting can take up a surprising percentage of a developer’s time. Programmers seldom just blast out code and smirk, there’s a lot of skill and nuances involved in web dev.

You have professionally designed imagery such as backgrounds, layouts and even the wording of your website is a talent of it’s own field. Simple things like these all roll in to one package and one small part overlooked can be the pitfall of your business while you think it’s your product.

We had one client come to us for a new site once. Upon holding a consultation session with him we reviewed his website and found it to be pretty damn good.

We asked “why do you want a whole new website?”

He complained “This one isn’t bringing me more than a couple of sales per month and I’m mostly convinced my products are good”

We audited the entire site and did a market review to ascertain the viability of his endeavour. We talked him round to investing in a website “re-write” and search engine optimisation campaign instead. He know has a booming business.

The point is that a competent web developer or website agency will know more about what influences and impacts a website than you will. This extends to considering what may actually be best for your online presence beside which fancy button you can’t decide between when trying it yourself.

So yes it can be costly but this truly is an investment, and not just in the sense that people online everywhere try to convince you with your cash. All aspects of a website professionally constructed and cared for can multiply your sales. Missing even one thing let alone not even being aware of the others (SEO, CRM, PPC, UI/UX, CMS, copy, design, security, speed, responsiveness and a host of other scary words) can prevent your business not even making it on to google.

Also involved in the price is the size of the team. It’s often not just the developer and in our “advanced” package alone we would be spending thousands on a team. This reaps dividends in the sales the website and it’s campaign produces.

Could I do it myself?

You could and by all means try and have a bash at it, however it will soon become apparent why you need a web developer.

We have had people come to us with half finished websites wanting us to finish them because they’ve had enough. Only twice have we agreed to take on such tasks as they didn’t do too bad of a job however more often than not we will refuse because the site thus far won’t be suitable and insist on a new site altogether.

Shopify is probably the best option if you want to try this but be warned it has it’s own pitfalls and you won’t get something “bespoke”. You will also likely overlook and completely miss certain aspects of it such as search engine optimisation, professional copy and UI/UX amongst other things.

We would highly recommend you avoid trying to set up a woocommerce application yourself and forget about magento entirely unless you’re a programmer.

You can try to do it yourself just like you can do your plumbing yourself or replace a car part yourself. That is, you soon see why it’s easier to have someone do it right.


Save yourself the trouble of googling how to dig through and understand the code for fixing your site.

Our care plans which we include in our packages fix and more importantly prevent. There will more often than not be an issue arising in a site, one that could have been prevented.

These are not healthy for your sleep pattern…… Do yourself a favour and just hire someone for a monthly care plan which can optimise and improve your profits in ways you may not realise.

For example speed optimisation may increase your google rankings one or two places at least, which can easily multiply your customers.

If you want a no-obligation quote, get in touch and let us see if we can help you or refer you to someone who can

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