Elevation bundle for online stores

Do you want an all-in-one starter package to start selling online?


Most web agencies offer ecommerce packages but the price tag is….. scary

And that’s a big gamble for you!

You’re just starting out, you are still learning about SKU and klarna etcetera etcetera.

Those things are somewhere in amongst the long list of “to-learn” things and now you have a web agency trying to flog a £5000 package to you before you’ve even wrapped your head around half the acronyms of a website mean.

We aren’t going to charge you that, we aren’t going to charge you HALF that!

Read here for approximate prices of ecommerce packages

How about we work with you and get you started for as little as £500?  That’s a fraction of what we normally charge!

What do I get in this package?

Everything you need to get started!

Website creation

Logo and colour scheme design

SEO content strategy

Social media campaign to get your brand out there

Website care and maintenance

Get started


Why are we doing this?  We have some ideas we want to test on some volunteers.  It’s no danger to you, if they don’t work we will replace them with the ones that do.  We also want, once your business is bringing in plenty of business, to proudly display your logo on our homepage amongst others who we have helped get their businesses up and running.


You read that right, if you sign up to a monthly care plan we can provide everything including security, speed, uptime monitoring, search engine ranking reports and suggestions, backups, competitor analysis and a fixed number of hours per month for small tasks you want done.

Think about it: user experience, payment software, landing pages, blog pages, security certificates, mobile and tablet responsiveness, social media plugins, facilities for uploading, editing and deleting products, image optimisation software, stock alerts and access to our half price working rate for any work needing done.

If you dare to learn all this yourself it will cost you a lot of sleep.  Instead we are nearby to jump on a zoom call or answer questions over emails.


If you DO decide to do it yourself, here is a list of things to consider


You don’t want to waste days learning about file transfer protocols, you want to increase customers coming to your site.

That’s the whole purpose of this.  We want to reassure new business owners and show them the way rather than have them stumble over expensive obstacles.  Every web agency out there is willing to take thousands from anxious new entrepreneurs and send them on their way.

We want to be the agency that specialises in the hard part:  Getting your business off the ground!


The Elevation bundle is the perfect solution for start-ups who want to get a professional website without breaking the bank. We will develop a website that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your business goals.



The Only Bundle You’ll Ever Need

Get your ecommerce website up and running now

Content Management

Fully fleshed out dashboard with user-friendly tools to post, edit, draft and delete posts or products

Data Analytics

Integration with google analytics gets you the best insight into how your website is performing so you can fine tune your approach

Social media

Plugins ensure seamless and easy posting to your social media accounts for quick and maximum exposure to your audience

Lead Capture

Collect email addresses for a newsletter to deliver an email marketing campaign for whenever your audience isn’t even on your site!

Team Management

Functions in-built will allow freelancers limited access so you can safely outsource most of your tasks


Beautiful product pages and user-friendly processes to convert viewers into customers

Payment software

Integration with software for subscriptions if your website needs it

Care plan

We will provide one year of premium hosting, security, backups, software updates and uptime monitoring

Content planning

Write and compile your content to be released at regular intervals for consistent engagement

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