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How much does a website cost?

Jan 5, 2022

Web advice

What should I spend on a new website?

This is where I frustrate you with “it depends”

Roll your eyes and consider that a professional website developer will also be able to save you spending/wasting your money on the wrong things. Also a good website agency will implement good practices according to your target audience

You get what you pay for

For example a hair stylist left to their own judgement using a website self-builder service may start trying to impress their audience with the names of their expensive equipment

Whereas a competent website consultant can guide them to showing off pictures of their client’s hair (handpicked examples of course) whilst employing a professional to word the site to guide the customer to a booking reservation section of the site and impress our google overlords into raising the website in their SERPs (search engine result pages)

A website may need more or less functionality than you first think depending on the business, and this is why you pay a professional to recommend and configure the best option

I would avoid self-built website services for many reasons but not for the usual “they use a template” argument. You have likely seen thousands, maybe tens of thousands of websites during your lifetime and I doubt you have ever seen a site and thought “hang on…. that is just like that site I saw last week!” despite the fact you will have seen templated sites

Research your local area for website agencies if you want someone local and get a few prices. Remember: pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys

We use professionals for every aspect of our websites and take the stress out of everything to give you a fully optimised, business boosting website.


Get in touch for a chat, we’d love to help you

If you must use a self-hosted service, avoid the cheapest as they are that cheap for a reason. Sooner or later they will all give you trouble and will not give you the result that a professionally built, configured and designed site will for your business.

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